Bill O’Leary, LCSW-R, PsyD. has been in the mental health field since 1991 where he worked as a socio-therapist in an RTF with emotionally disturbed adolescent females (many of whom were victims of sexual abuse). He then went on to work at St. Mary’s RTC (now known as Mercy First). While there, he worked many positions ranging from child care to director of program services. During that time, he began working with adolescent offenders. In 1999, he received his MSW from Adelphi University and began his own consulting business named People Talk, Inc. Through consulting, Bill has taught for SUNY Stonybrook, Fordham University, Buffalo State, rookies for the New York Giants, and thousands of students via bullying and sexual harassment workshops in schools. Bill has also taught for NY City ACS specializing in Common Core, Sexual Abuse, and investigations. Currently, he still teaches on a consultant basis, is a media consultant, and works extensively as a forensic therapist with law enforcement cases.